Presently, there are a lot of Chinese enrichment classes in Singapore. But all of them may not be suitable for your little one.

Since no two enrichment classes are completely the same, it is important that you learn what each of them is all about before making your final decision.

To increase the odds of you picking a good one, you have to pick from the best enrichment centres in Singapore. These top-notch enrichment centres do not only have high standards and state of the art teaching equipment, but they also have been able to help a lot of kids learn how to speak Chinese fluently.

 The following article by theasianparent unveils some of the best Chinese enrichment centres in Singapore.


More and more parents are sending their children for Chinese enrichment classes at an early age these days to get a head start in Chinese language learning. Check out where the best schools are and what they have to offer to your children. Read more here.

You probably now know Chengzhu Chinese enrichment classes for kids and other top-notch enrichment classes in Singapore. Yes, most of them are good and have high teaching standards. But not all of them will be able to handle the unique needs of your child. To narrow down an enrichment centre that will be able to cater to the need of your child, you first have to consider the personality of your kids.


No two children are alike (even if they are twins!) especially when it comes to their personal interests and ability to learn. If your older daughter plays the violin beautifully but your son’s musical attempts are far from perfect, don’t worry because there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. Read more here.

You surely now know how to choose a Chinese enrichment centre based on the unique personality of your child. Yes, enrichment class are good and can significantly help your kid learn how to speak Chinese and a handful of other languages effectively. But have you ever considered if your kid really needs a Chinese enrichment class?

The following article by thenewageparents answers the question- does my child really need enrichment classes.


Is your two-year-old really ready to attend an enrichment class by herself when she just overcame separation anxiety not long ago? Some classes have an age limit in line with their curriculum or require the child to be independent enough to understand instructions. Read more here.

You likely now know how to determine if your child needs an enrichment class. As a parent, it is easy to enrol your kid into an enrichment centre for the wrong reasons. The single most important thing you should do before signing your child up for an enrichment centre is to ask yourself if your child is ready.

Final note

Enrolling your child into a popular and reputable Chinese enrichment centre should be at the top of your priorities especially if you want him to learn how to speak Chinese fluently. Yes, there are also enrichment centres in Singapore, but not all of them will be able to cater to the needs of your kid.

One thing you must consider before enrolling your kid into any of these top-notch centres in Singapore is the needs of your little one.

Yes, enrichment centres are good but they are not suitable for every kid. So before signing your kid to any of them, you have to check if your kid needs enrichment classes.




Academic Success is Possible in Conversation Rich Environments

Every child has his own genetic makeup. Each one differs in temperament, learning abilities, physical development, social interaction and approaches to varieties of settings. In a formal education setup, the improved capacity of the child is possible when the volume of work is not saturated.

From a socio-cultural context, evidence has proven that conversation is necessary for overall academic success. The Chengzhu Mandarin Center has a variety of programs that help hone the natural talent of children keen to pursue a journey in the art of language skills. The idea at this fine school is to provide a balanced environment for kids so that they do not tire themselves with an incessant workload.

Learning how to communicate is an essential part of life. Learning and understanding a language other than the home language provides substantive growth and enables a child to indulge in rich conversation over the years.

Listening helps a child to piece stories together. In fact, through listening, he will find reading relatively easier as he forms the sounds (phonetics) in the mind.

Speaking a language is crucial in the art of conversation. Without this basic, one will find it almost impossible to get by in life.

The reading material found in any preschool book makes the learning curve easy for children. As he is able to decipher the words that he has listened to and spoken in class, he will be able to use his mind and read the words and the syntax.

The writing method is crucial to achieving academic success for the overall growth of the child. They learn how to decipher the letters of the alphabet and Chinese characters by mastering the strokes. By doing so, they find that expression of their views is easier as writing helps them grow.

The numbers of words and variety of conversations that children hear on a daily basis affect their speed of learning. Reading out aloud is also very crucial for the cognitive growth rate of a child. The idea is to ensure that the text has a series of dialogues, which contributes to the reading and speaking ability of the child.

The formal structure of learning helps improve the literacy of a child, tuition is another rising solution as well and many parents send their children for enrichment classes for kids . Children who enter school with prior knowledge show an impressive progress in their growth pattern. Therefore, it goes to prove that early childhood education is extremely crucial to get a child prepped for a lifelong journey of learning and keeping the conversation going.