Tips for successful digital marketing

Digital marketing is all that everyone is thinking of in this world. E-commerce sites have sprung up everywhere. They are trying to attract customers from all over the world. So be it a retail site in Singapore or a boutique in Australia, every business – big or small – is investing in digital marketing.

Here are a few tips for successfully carrying out digital marketing Singapore for your business.

* Update your website regularly. People would like to know more about the newer things that your business is doing. The latest collections you have, if there are any items that are on sale.

* Websites should be developed in such a way that they are compatible with mobile phones and other such devices. 80% of the people are on their mobile devices almost all the time. And it is most likely that they will finish a transaction then and there.

* Make your presence felt on the various social networking sites. Most importantly make your accounts ‘public’. Be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Google+, be very active. Regularly upload posts or pictures so that potential customers keep coming back.

* Add your business address and contact on different sites so that you can be found by local customers also.

* Make yourself familiar with the way certain search engines work. Google, Yahoo, Rediff, Bing, etc all have slightly different ways of functioning. Create your marketing content keeping this in mind.

* Write attractive and strong calls to action so that the customers are hooked from the very first visit. Use phrases like ‘Free shipping on first delivery’, ‘Get 30% off’, ‘Guaranteed next day delivery’, etc. to attract customers. But most importantly make sure you mean them. Or else it would simply turn away customers.

* Whenever you upload posts or blogs make sure you have ‘share’ buttons. Readers may want to share your articles and posts of their Facebook accounts or simply share the link as message on WhatsApp with their friends. This will direct more visitors to your website.

* Create your webpage / website in such a way that readers can easily navigate from one topic to the next. Do not flood them with links but make necessary information available to them easily.

* And lastly, do not annoy your potential customers with useless pop up ads or feedback windows or links to unrelated sites.