How to choose the right science tutor for your child

How to choose the right science tutor for your child

It is essential that students pick up the basic concepts of science early in their in lives. helps students in building a strong foundation for future learning. To have some insight about primary science tuition we may refer to Indigo Science tuition Primary school.

Why a private tutor?

It is viewed that interest for science begins or ends at primary level. To teach science, tutors should have good command of the subject. The teachers must have techniques to keep the students excited about the subject. In a noisy classroom the communication between students and the teacher may not be effective. Learning science requires focus and discipline. Students have shown large achievement gaps in science. Therefore one to one mode of teaching is desirable to enable students to grasp the basic concepts of science.

Parents may find it difficult to choose the right primary science tutor. The basic guidelines for parents may be summed up as follows:

1) Parents need to find out if the prospective teacher is affiliated to a leading educational organization.
2) The tutor should use a course designed by competent academicians with proven track record in primary school level education.
3) Parents may cross check and find out if the focus of the tutor or the educational institute is on memorizing or on helping students understand fundamental concepts. At the primary level understanding of concept is must and attempts of memorizing should be avoided.
4) The tutor should be able to provide experiment based learning. The parents need to find out if the tutor or the teaching institute is equipped to address the needs of laboratory etc.
5) The tutor should be able to guide the students with tips for scoring well in examinations. At the end of the day what matters is the score or rating received by the student in the final examination.
6) The parents should find out if the tutor can customize the teaching material as per the need of the students. Tutoring is meaningful only through personalized care.
7) The tutor must have good command over the subject and should also be keen on continuous professional development.

There is no standardized way of teaching a primary school student. But when science is taught it is necessary to keep in mind that:
1. Science education should lead to scientific way of thinking.
2. Involvement of students in the learning process is must.
3. Development of problem solving skills is a basic objective of science education.
4. Assessment of students understanding at periodic intervals is required.

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