Why is mental mathematics important for children?

Importance of mathematics

There is no doubt in the fact that mathematics is very important in all our lives. For a few centuries, mathematics has definitely been a subject that students have abhorred. Most children have this set idea that mathematics calculations and the complex symbols associated with it are hard to understand and would be very difficult to solve. This is one thought that has been carved in the minds of children and will require a lot of effort to get eradicated. But one cannot deny that mathematics is an important subject included in the curriculum. Hence it totally depends on parents and teachers to make sure that children do not house any of the unwanted fears about mathematics. To make sure that children enjoy mathematics, parents and teachers should involve mathematics in everyday life. This makes the learning process for the child easy too. Apart from this, parents can also admit their children to various mathematics learning tuitions where they can learn help to solve arithmetic problems help them to understand mathematics well. To make mathematics relatable to children, here are some of the methods that teachers and parents can adopt:

The first step would be to understand how your child perceives mathematics. It is of utmost importance that parents and teachers understand the childs aptitude in mathematicswhether the learning curve of the child is slow or faster than his or her peers.

In the second stage, it is very important that you boost your childs confidence so that he or she feel confident enough to solve complex maths problems.

Finally ensure that your child’s concepts in mathematics are very clear because without clear concepts the childs foundation in mathematics will always be weak. If need be, you could consider enrolling your child to maths tutions.

Importance of mental mathematics

Mental mathematics usually starts at an early stage. Your four-year-old child entering school will use mental mathematics when he or she will be asked to add up numbers in a column. The child will need to be trained to do the calculation fast in his or her brain, in order to finish the sums fast and do them correctly. In order to do this, they need to practice it well in their heads.

Mental mathematics require a lot of practice. The more you practice it with your child at home, the better are the chances of your childs good performance in school. Some concepts that need to be practiced daily in mental mathematics are:


Understanding place value

Number facts like tables, number pairs that add up to ten

Simple addition and subtraction

Mental mathematics is very important for your child because of some crucial reasons like:

Stimulates the brain: practicing mental mathematics keeps the brain sharp and boosts the learning capacity of the child. Mental mathematics also stimulates the right side of the brain and helps to make a child more creative, innovative and imaginative. This is because in order to do mental mathematics one has to visualize numbers in ones minds eye.

Improves memory: mental mathematics is heavily dependent on memory. Initially, you have to do complex calculations in ones mind. But as time passes, the child gets a hang of it and can remember complex calculations faster and solve problems easily.

Improves observation skills: mental mathematics teach you to observe and relate to things that are related to numbers. One becomes aware of how numbers are related to each other and how they interact. This skill is very important to solve problems in mathematics. Getting a sense of numbers is important to solve complex problems.

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